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Top 5 Features

Customer Online Registration & Account Access

-- Customers may register online, check their account at their convenience, anytime day or night

Billing and Payment Processing

-- Generate and email statements automatically, process payments. Customers may pay online, in studio, or set up automatic payments

Manage Your Classes

-- Track enrollment and class size, take attendance, multi-studio location capability, class notification is made easy with email

Point of Sale

-- Sell merchandise, process payments, charge items to customer accounts

Unlimited Concurrent Users

-- Any number of staff members with an internet connection can be logged in and working on the system at the same time



System supports multiple locations, each of which can be customized

-- Different classes

-- Different sales tax rates

-- Different tuition rates

-- Different billing dates

-- Students only need one account even if they are taking classes at multiple locations

Information Access

Owner or manager has more access to information than an employee and so forth

Employee Profile

Easy access to employee information such as address, phone number, hire date, position title, pay rate, etc.

Time Clock

(Click to view video to CLOCK IN)

This features allows employees or teachers to clock in and out from Designated computers.


A weekly schedule of events/classes can be pulled up for individual locations or studios by the instructor, student, or employee.

Internal Messaging System

(Click to view video to SEND A STUDIO MESSAGE)

The ability to email individuals or multiple people at once

-- The employees of certain locations

-- Students or entire class of certain studios

-- Inactive students

-- Store clients

You can also send each student a copy of their registration form


--Transaction History

For selected students between a selected date range. (Can see all transactions, or select from a list of transaction types such as tuition, merchandise, credits, etc.)

--Students Payment History

Shows payments made within a selected date range. Either all payments, or select by type (credit card, check, cash)

--Location Student Balance Report (Excel Format)

Shows current balance and minimum amount currently due

--Location Terminal Report

Shows payments made through the terminal between selected time periods, includes specific dates and times of transactions, and allows access links to invoices

--Location Receivables Report

Includes the following information between entered dates:

  1. Student Terminal and schedules payments
  2. Non-student terminal payments
  3. credits and refunds
  4. charges made to accounts

--Location Client Report (Excel Format)

            Lists all clients and all information in their profile

--Location Non-student Clients Report (Excel Format)

Lists all Non-student clients’ names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses

--All Clients Aging Report (Excel Format)

Lists Clients and contact info along with the current balance on the account, the date of the last payment, minimum amount due and the due date, and if they are 30, 60 or past 75 days past due

--Enrollment Report (Excel Format)

All enrolled students are listed vertically, all classes are listed horizontally. For each class in which a student is enrolled, a “1” is placed in that class’s column. If a student is enrolled in a class, but will not be participating in the recital with that particular class, “NR” shows in that class column, rather than a “1.” The order of the class columns can be manipulated for determining the recital order of program, and making sure that students have enough time between numbers.

Student Profiles/Accounts

(Click to view video to CREATE STUDENT PROFILE)

Contains important student information such as address, phone, birthdate, grade,  parent info, etc.  Also allows you to set up students with tuition and or merchandise discounts, if desired, as well as setting up the student with the automatic payment option. Can also view student payment information, transaction history, classes they are registered for, and classes for which they are eligible to enroll. Can also view and/or email a students past and current registration agreements and billing statements.


(Click to view video to REGISTER STUDENT FOR CLASS)

(Click to view video to APPROVE STUDENT FOR CLASS)

-- Can be set as different “types” to allow for different billing options. For example, if dance classes should be taxed, but gymnastics classes should not be taxed.

-- Two for one rate option

-- Recital/non-recital option

-- Set class capacity and age range

-- Billing can be set at static (always the same) or dynamic (the more dynamic classes a student takes, the more of a tuition discount they receive.)

-- Additional Fees (such as costume fees) can be attached to the class at any time

Phone Logs

(Click to view video to ADDING A PHONE LOG)

Keeps a record of all phone messages that are entered. Includes who the message is for, caller’s name, caller’s phone number, date and time of message, as well as the message itself.


(Click to view video to UPLOADING A DOCUMENT)

Allows you to upload documents to be saved, so they can be accessed from a computer (with internet access) anywhere, anytime. Documents can be set for public access (meaning any employee) or private access, for only the employee who uploads the document.


Stores contact names, addresses, emails, phone


--Email statements

--Charges can be set to be due immediately, or pro-rated. For example, you may want tuition to be pro-rated over the entire season, but any merchandise that is charged to the account to be due immediately with the next billing statement.

Resources (studios within a location) Reservation Log

--so you know when they are in use, and when they are available.


can be set so students are not charged for classes on these days


--multiple options can be set for:

1. tuition

2. merchandise


(Click to view video to USING THE TERMINAL)

--used for making payments and or purchases for students and non-students

Role sheets

(Click to view video to TAKING ATTENDANCE)

--for each class include:

1. student names

2. whether or not each student is participating in the recital

3.can be marked present, absent, excused, late, watched, or made-up.

4. Comments section (perhaps to indicate non-registered students in attendance.)

Home page

gives you a view of:

--All comments on role sheets for the last year

--Your messages (tells you how many unread messages you have)

--Active users and what time they signed in

--Student Birthdays this week

--Employee Birthdays this week

--Your Time Card

1. Hours worked (today)

2. Hours worked (current month)

3. Hours worked (current year)

4. Today’s login time

--Today’s schedule information (when you are scheduled to work)

--Students who have been absent for 3 or more classes in a row

--Classes where attendance has not been taken

--Studio Registration Log

1. Total Students

2. Students registered for classes

3. Students registered unit hours/week



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